Sole Power

The House decides whether it sees fit to impeach the president. But the trial happens in the Senate.


‪No War With Iran

I’m going to tell you what it’s like when you have a loved one and immediate family member who’s serving in a combat zone away from you.


The Power of Grief

That former Vice President Joe Biden has overcome profound loss throughout his own life soothes the souls of those who are too acquainted with sorrow.


Taking Back 2020

Between now and November, we can — and must — all find and do our somethings. Democracy needs these gifts, now more than ever.

US Capitol Building

51 Votes

Each and every one of these Senators must be forced to sweat over their decision. Their constituents cannot make it easy for them.

wood bridge

Charting the Way Forward

The message: “Come on, Democrats, hit back harder!” could come from bots who know that a slugfest will destroy what’s left of democratic institutions.


Why the Filibuster Must Die

These States Have the Same Population Sizes, but the Red States Have 34 More Senators. It’s astounding to think back to 2010, when President Obama and Congressional leadership – with


Saving Democracy

Democracy is hard work. It requires give and take and compromise. We have to overcome the belief that there is a quick and easy solution.