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Portman’s Gonna Portman

After helping Mitch McConnell block President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee under the guise of it being an election year, Portman has decided to reverse course and help McConnell shove through Trump's


Honoring Her Legacy

Today is going to be a tough day for a lot of people. If you can, will you join me in honoring RBG’s legacy by signing up to volunteer this weekend? America lost

cheerful diverse colleagues in modern cafeteria

On My Lunch Break

Pollsters and pundits alike agree that Ohio is a toss-up this year, folks. And as the polls tighten, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Ohio is not only a battleground state, it’s THE


Trump’s lies have consequences

Ohio Democrats take pride in always protecting voting rights. Several months ago, our close review of Ohio law made it clear to us that the Secretary of State was actually in violation

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