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JOY – The Field Team 6 Weekly

JOY IS ESSENTIAL TO THE FIGHT These are stressful times. Republicans have sworn fealty to a twice-impeached toxic narcissist who would rather bring down history’s greatest democracy than admit he’s a loser.


THE FIGHT IS EVERYTHING – The Field Team 6 Weekly

June 10, 2021 WORLDS SAVED: 1 PROGRESSIVES WE HELPED REGISTER: 2,940,883 TOTAL VOTERS REACHED: over 15,000,000 DAYS UNTIL 2022 MIDTERM ELECTION: 515 THE FIGHT IS EVERYTHING We can’t choose what Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema do.


Leave no voter behind

The price of voting has gone up! Republican voter suppression schemes are making it more costly to vote. And soon it may only be the rich who can afford to vote. The

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