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Please Stay: We Need Talented Police Officers

Response to Police Chief Tim Altomare’s Op-Ed in The Capital Gazette announcing his retirement You are right. Maryland and especially Anne Arundel County have the best police departments in the country, and


Why I’m a Democrat

I am an active Democrat because of my mother’s history. My 96-year-old mother was born and raised in Alsace, France. At 19, she was interred in a concentration camp as a political


Capital Punishment Is Not About Justice

Vengeance is not a noble pursuit. It is an evil that feeds back on its practitioners. The State That Kills Its Killers Is No Better Than They Were Capital punishment is not


Hierarchy v. Fairness

The right-wing—which until recently loved the 10th Amendment and revered states’ rights—is now fine with sending federal troops to trample states’ rights. Meanwhile, Trump canceled his convention because of COVID while insisting that


How Italy Flattened the Curve

Stefano Annovazzi Lodi / CC BY-SA ( I am not an epidemiologist, mathematician or statistician, so if you ask me how Italy flattened the curve and got its coronavirus crisis under control

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