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 Rally Tonight 5:30 PM

Had enough? Rally tonight 5:30 PM Here’s a special message from our colleagues at Indivisible Chicago:  The US Supreme Court has thrown gasoline on the fire already burning across this country.  With


We march with Pride

Blue Beginning Sunday June 26: We march with Pride Come show your colors with Blue Beginning and Indivisible Chicago as we march in the Pride Parade Sunday, June 26. It will be Big


You’ll laugh! You’ll cry!

Blue Beginning Thursday: Join us to watch the Jan 6 hearings  We can’t afford to make light of this situation, and we don’t dare dwell on the past—the future is too fraught.


Our Hometown Progressives

Blue Beginning Our hometown progressives  If you’ve been encouraged by the recent primary showings of Summer Lee and John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Andrea Salinas and Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon, and Jessica Cisneros in


IC-SS EXTRA: Our forum went virtual

IC-SS EXTRA: May 24, 2022 Our May 23 Candidates Forum Went Virtual Yesterday was a big day in more ways than one. Together with our partner, UChicago Democrats, we held our IL-01


We have the ways to win

Our winning ways: On the doors What’s better than a brisk walk on a warm sunny day? How about a brisk walk on a warm sunny day in the company of smart,

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