Meet the Candidate: Krystle Matthews (SC)

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Krystle Matthews – South Carolina – US Senate

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a Single mother of five and engineering planner by profession. I first ran for office in 2018, where I flipped a state house seat from an eight year incumbent.

I grew up a tomboy, in a small town, a child of domestic violence and of two parents who’ve been to prison. I come from a big loving family despite the bumps and bruises and my cousins are still my best friends. I’ve been a mentor since I was twenty giving back to youth who have struggled with life’s journey.

Why are you running for office?

I’m running for office because I believe working families, women and the youth are often the most affected by changes made by the government but are most often the last to be represented.

What are the three biggest issues facing your community?

South Carolina faces a lack of quality public education, access to affordable housing and healthcare, and a crumbling infrastructure.

How do you propose to solve those problems?

I plan to fix the funding formula for education and teacher pay and provide needed support and incentives for retention. I would invest in Medicaid expansion and healthcare in rural communities. Additionally, I will support investing in providing opportunities for smaller contractors to help with the workload of repairing secondary roads.

What is your stance on environmental and climate concerns that are facing your community?

I support protecting green spaces and investing in clean air and water initiatives. Investing in community rec centers in rural communities for the youth.

What commonsense gun safety measures would have the most impact on your community?

I support limiting access to guns for those who are red flagged and also closing the Charleston and boyfriend loopholes to help keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. I also support limiting access to semi- and fully- automatic weapons.

How would criminal justice reforms impact your community?

Criminal justice reforms would reduce the cross generational impacts on families in disadvantaged communities. They would also disrupt the School to prison pipeline in those communities.

How would you work to protect a woman’s reproductive health?

I would work to codify the protections we had under Roe v. Wade before it was struck down.

What measures would you advocate to ensure that your constituents have the right to vote?

Automatic voter registration at age18 is the goal, but in the meanwhile early voting and making absentee and mail in voting more accessible. I would also fight for a public registry where prior convicted felons can verify their status.

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