The Awesome Accomplishments of the Biden-Harris Administration

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This is the first in a series of articles we are publishing today on the accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration, along with the Democratic Senate and House of Representatives. We hope you will read these articles, written by first-time voters and long-time activists. Make sure you know and share the truth before voting ends.

As the midterm elections approach, Republicans have been working their hardest to do what they do best: distract, deceive, and dissemble. Right now, they are trying to focus voters’ attention on the issue of inflation, a worldwide problem that they, somehow, blame on the Biden-Harris administration and all Democrats running for office. The mainstream media seems determined to spread this Republican message while ignoring the threat that MAGA Republican candidates represent to women, children, and people of color.

As many of us have learned, Trump Republicans have no compunction about lying. They are committed to gaining power at the expense of the hard-working people who live in this country. These politicians have shown that they are willing to sacrifice the American dreams of millions, in order to reward their wealthy donors. 

But despite the efforts of these Republicans, Democrats and the Biden-Harris administration have racked up an impressive record since inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021. 

Many of these bills were passed with NOT A SINGLE Republican vote. If voters allow Republicans to take over the Senate or the House, future efforts to help people in need will certainly fail. The effort to pass legislation to protect women’s rights and bodily autonomy will not make it through Congress and end up in a pile of folders on Leader McConnell’s desk. 

Republicans tell us they will cut or even eliminate Social Security and Medicare benefits and reverse the Biden era cost-savings prescription benefits that will help so many people afford health care. Republicans vow to slash spending and push permanent tax cuts for the wealthy. They crow about their plans to refuse to raise the debt ceiling and shut down the government to get what they want. It’s time to believe the Republicans when they tell us who they are.

Democrats have spoken out against hate, while Republicans are silent when their leader is blatantly antisemitic, threatening menace to come, in his speeches and on his social media posts, ironically called “Truths.”

It is vitally important that voters learn the real truth about the differences between Republicans and Democrats. The survival of our democracy depends on your informed vote.

Here’s a fun and informative video you can use to get the word out to people who aren’t well-informed voters.

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