Teri Kanefield

Teri has written novels, short stories, nonfiction for both young readers and adults, and lots of legal briefs. She is currently writing an overlapping series of biographies called the Making of America. Her political commentary has appeared on the NBC Think Blog and CNN.com. Her articles and essays have appeared in publications as diverse as Education Week, Slate Magazine, and Scope Magazine. Her short fiction has appeared in the American Literary View, The Iowa Review, and others. For twelve years she maintained a private appellate law practice limited to representing indigents on appeal from adverse rulings. She believes with the ACLU that when the rights of society's most vulnerable members are denied, everybody's rights are imperiled. She also believe with John Updike that the purpose of literature is to expand our sympathies. Teri lives with her family on the beautiful central coast in California.

Why Democrats Shouldn't Play Hardball

Because the Democrats have good medium and long term prospects it is in their interests to avoid hardball to preserve the institutions so there’s less rebuilding later.

Supreme Court, White House, and Congress

The Institutions Push Back

One of the democratic institutions, or safeguards, baked into the constitution system is that we have an independent judiciary.


The Cure for What Ails Us

A little bit of agitation is good. It motivates us to action. It stimulates voter turnout. Too much is paralyzing. And pointless.


"What if" Rabbit Holes

If you’re in a “what if” rabbit hole, you can’t pay attention to what is actually happening. It’s harder to think rationally and plan.


It's Just a Matter of Time

Now that law enforcement agencies are looking at crimes of wealthy white men, they’re perfectly willing to destroy those agencies.



21st century fascists, on the other hand, want both wealth and power. This creates a policy-making challenge.


Only the Young

The reason to be optimistic is because of young people like Greta, David Hogg, Taylor Swift, and so many others.


Winning at any Cost

How you felt about yesterday’s defense presentation depends entirely on how you feel about Newt Gingrich’s “win at any cost” advice to the Republican Party.

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