Meet the Candidate: Brian Radford (AZ)

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Brian Radford – Arizona – State House District 17

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I have served as an Arizona Corrections Officer and Case Manager working with mental health offenders. I have worked as an educator focusing on special education elementary students, and I am also a proud foster parent. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University.

Why are you running for office?

The decision to run for office is born out of the growing need to improve our lives and that of our children and their children. The aim of my campaign is to bring honest, hard-working family and community needs to the forefront in a forward-thinking manner that best uses the resources we have while conserving resources for our future generations.

What are the three biggest issues facing your community?

First, women’s rights are continually under attack. Next, public schools are extremely underfunded and our kids are paying the price. Lastly, Arizona faces severe water scarcity and climate change will only exacerbate the problem.

How do you propose to solve those problems?

I believe Arizona faces several significant challenges in the years ahead. I am committed to protecting voting rights and access to the ballot. I am committed to fully funded public education and the expansion of STEM and special education programs. I also support measures that will lower prescription drug prices and improve health care access. Arizona must address water scarcity and future water management through conservation and reclamation efforts while seeking better ground water management for future growth and balanced land usage & development.

What is your stance on environmental and climate concerns that are facing your community?

Last year, the federal government announced a shortage in the Colorado River, and slated Arizona to bear the brunt of the cuts in water usage. So far, it’s been our farmers who have been affected the most. Furthermore, the purchase of farmland to sell water rights to the highest bidders is a threat to our rural communities who rely on our water supply to make their living. Our water shortage is going to require creative solutions and buy-in from across the state.

What commonsense gun safety measures would have the most impact on your community?

Universal background checks to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands and common sense safety, storage and handling regulations to keep guns away from children.

How would criminal justice reforms impact your community?

Criminal justice reform and public safety would improve by having better mental health and behavioral health access for those in crisis. This includes substance and alcohol treatment programs.

How would you work to protect a woman’s reproductive health?

I support women’s right to choose and support reproductive health and medical privacy. I will support legislation that strengthens protections of those rights, and push back against bills that seek to restrict women’s rights.

What measures would you advocate to ensure that your constituents have the right to vote?

I support early voting and access to the ballot for all to include rural areas, indigenous communities and seniors to ensure everyone can vote.

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