Vivian Leal

Vivian is a writer and activist. The daughter and wife of Cuban immigrants, she grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She lives in the beautiful mountains of Reno, Nevada. Vivian is committed to giving voice to humanitarian principles and working to hear them reflected in law and in the larger state and national dialogue. She has lived with multiple sclerosis for 20 years.

The Medical Extortion Enabled by the U.S. Congress

It is not news that the price of drugs in the United States is out of control, especially for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.

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Manos a la Obra

Para una versión en inglés de este artículo, lea "A Recurring Nightmare." Llevo una semana sin dormir, haciendo algo que se ha convertido en una pesadilla repetitiva, pero imprescindible–ayudar a amigos y


A Recurring Nightmare

For a Spanish-language version of this article, read "Manos a la Obra." I have not slept a full night for weeks, doing something that has become a recurring but necessary nightmare —


El 6 de enero Hay que Investigarlo 

Las familias hispanas tenemos historias llenas de adversidad, retos y mucho, mucho trabajo.  Generaciones han sufrido las consecuencias de movimientos armados — políticos o criminales — y todos compartimos un intenso amor