Blue State Governors Are Our Best Hope to Keep Our Nation Together

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Dear Blue State Governors,

You are the only hope we have of keeping our nation together. You must take a leadership position because the Democratic Party and the politicians in D.C. have abrogated theirs.

I do not see there is any way that the current Federation of States stitched together under an archaic Constitution can hold. My hope is that you form a coalition and create a modern-day Federation of States, which is truly representative of the majority of the population in the United States of America. 

For instance, how can North and South Dakota (population 1.6 million) together have four senators while California (population 39 million) only has two? Most of our population with the highest GDP live in cities in blue states or in blue city enclaves in red states and vote for the Democratic Party. We clearly currently have a minority governing a majority.

The problem is we have taxation (including my taxes from my blue state of Connecticut) supporting red states that enact policies such as banning abortion and allowing handguns to run amok, neither of which represent the majority of voters in our state. In my mind this is like the Boston Tea Party where colonists paid taxes to the British government. It’s called taxation without representation.

The Supreme Court and its political appointees, which enacted the overturning of Roe, is only one symptom of an underlying cancer that is metastasizing. That cancer is minority government. I believe that unless Blue State Governors are willing to call the system out, states will fight states. 

If Texas sues Massachusetts, who will decide? Will you allow a highly politicized Supreme Court to do so? A court without any means of enforcement? Will you allow a federal government which does not represent most of your citizens to impose its will on the citizens of our state, the majority of whom vote Democratic?

I wish a discussion of this kind could be initiated by the Democratic Party. However it does not have the power. You, however, do. Please act before it is too late for us to create a vibrant, healthy democracy. I know we can do it.


P.S. If you are reading this, please send a copy to your state governor. I am going to send one to mine.

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Felicity Harley is a published journalist, writer, and a poet. Born to an English father and a Caribbean mother, educated in Europe and a former member of the British Foreign Service posted to Iran, she possesses excellent communication and networking skills. A lifelong activist and advocate across political and social affairs, she served as the Chief Executive of the World Affairs Council of Connecticut (WACCT) until June 2013, when she left to resume her writing career.

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