The Biden/Harris Response to the SCOTUS Decision on Abortion

Vice President Harris Leads the Effort to Protect Women's Choice

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I am pretty upset that a narrative that the Biden administration wasn’t prepared and isn’t doing enough has been floated by bullhorn politicians and some media. Here goes a list of actions the administration is taking that are being led by Vice President Kamala Harris

The work began months ago, not when the decision came down.

Vice President Harris met with abortion providers and women’s rights advocates.

She met with privacy experts. Give this a listen. Good work is being done here on the ramifications of Roe being overturned.

Here is a good follow-up article by Michele Goodwin after her meeting with Vice President Harris.

The vice president met with legal experts and activists to discuss legal steps that can be taken.

She spoke with frontline healthcare workers about protecting women’s rights.

Vice President Harris met with faith leaders to discuss hate permeating our communities and how to join the fight to protect women’s rights and our privacies.

Vice President Harris gathered a large group of activists from all walks of life to listen to members of the Cabinet talk about how everyone can get involved in the fight for women’s rights and our right to privacy. This was a real call to action.

She gathered attorneys general to answer the call to provide services and protection for all women seeking abortions, including women crossing state lines.

This was a call to action before the Roe v. Wade decision was announced. Vice President Harris knew the ramifications of the decision and was preparing.

Vice President Harris also attended the Essence Festival in New Orleans. She took part in a fireside chat with Keke Palmer and then met privately with leaders of reproductive justice organizations. This was a perfect forum for the Vice President to speak openly with Black women about the challenges ahead.

Please know that Vice President Harris has led this fight with action, creating a strong army of experts and activists. I pray Congress listens to her and aids her in this fight. I hope Congress stands behind this administration and that everyone votes to strengthen a Democratic Congress.

Please, please vote. It is the easiest and most effective thing you can do!

I’m going to add for those complaining this is just a bunch of meetings: Mobilizing a team of experts is not just a bunch of meetings. It is preparing for what is coming. The old saying, “Getting your ducks in a row,” isn’t just words.

Originally a Twitter thread.

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