The Strange Marriage of Evangelicals and Donald Trump

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I read that evangelicals are now saying Trump used them. That complaint made me laugh, but also made me angry. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that all along. Trump was asked what his favorite Bible verse was. He couldn’t quote one. I am willing to bet he didn’t even know what books are referred to as the Gospel. You could tell he never even picked up a Bible to read. The fact that he was willing to autograph one like an author should be very disturbing to every Christian, but it isn’t. Some of those Bibles are being auctioned off for over 30,000 dollars. He used the evangelicals for the purpose of continuing  a scam that he was some great religious person sent by God to save America. This was a man who cheated on all three of his wives and had children from three different women. He has broken just about every commandment there was. He lied to  the evangelicals to their faces and then laughed at them after he left the room. 

Trump didn’t target evangelicals’ faith in the words of Jesus. Instead, he exploited their hate of things that Jesus never talked about, such as homosexuality or abortion. Trump fed their hate for the LGBTQI+ community though the Gospel never did. If anything, the Gospel preached tolerance not hate. He fed their hate for a group of people that does them no harm. What gave the evangelicals the right to judge other people? Certainly not anything in the Gospel. Trump used that hate. He did not use his love for Jesus because if he did he would have known that playing to your hate is not something that Jesus would have wanted him to do. 

Thirty-two transgender people have been killed in in the United States so far this year, and the year is not over. When you demonize people for being different, bad things may happen. Since 2017 there has been a 400 percent increase in hate-motivated murders with a large increase in the LGBTQI+ community. How much of the blame for this should be focused on Trump, and how much of the blame goes to those evangelicals that  demonized people that do not conform to their belief? Those beliefs do not come from the spoken words of Jesus. I think the evangelicals used Trump to unleash their hate as much as Trump used them to get elected. It was like a match made in hell. This past November there was  another shooting in Colorado. This was a hate crime targeting the LGBTQI+ community.  Is this the love that I was taught as a child when I attended church? This is hate, pure hate, and the church should own that hate. 

Jesus was a man who walked among the poor. He was like a homeless man who needed people’s generosity to survive. He had the ability to bring out the best in people. His words were simple but powerful. His stories were simple but had great meaning. They were not told to any one group. They were told to all groups. When he talked, he didn’t ask people if they believed in God. He didn’t ask what country they were from. He didn’t ask if they were gay or straight. When Jesus talked, he spoke about how people should live together and how people should treat one another. His words were not those of hate and bigotry. He didn’t separate things into black and white. He did not wish harm on anyone. 

Today, the evangelical religion is more about money and big business than it is about the words of Jesus. Jesus was not wealthy when he died. The net worth of Franklin Graham is estimated at $10 million. I do not think money is what Jesus had in mind when he sacrificed his life on the cross. I would like to believe by the way he lived that he would have wanted the opposite to happen. The only people that I remember ever getting Jesus mad were those who cared more about money. 

I know people will ask if I consider myself a Christian and I will tell them “no”. I was raised to be a Christian but that faith has not followed me into my old age. Why? As you may have noticed in my writings, there are just too many conflicts within religion and how Jesus lived for me to want to have any part of it. In my opinion, too much of the religious world has turned their backs on the words of Jesus. Words that were so powerful that a new religion was built around what he said. Not the Bible because it didn’t exist. It started with his words. 

Someone asked me if I believed that Jesus was the son of God. I answered that I didn’t think it mattered,  his words that mattered, and that is what Jesus is to me. His words. Words that no longer seem to be followed, as we witness  the killing of another five people and the wounding of many more, because they did not conform to what the church thinks they should be.

 I almost died once of a heart attack. My heart stopped for over 6 minutes while my wife performed CPR on me.  I woke up 3 days later in the ICU to a nurse shining a light in my eyes and the touch of my wife’s hand. Someone asked me what I had seen. I told them, “Nothing.” No one talked to me. No white lights. I remember nothing. I have thought about that a lot. After an experience like that you really sit back and examine your life and the world around you. Is there a heaven or a hell? I don’t know, but I can honestly say I didn’t see one or the other. I do know that what you leave behind is a measure of how you lived your life. I have two great sons and four wonderful grandchildren who I know will remember me and my wife long after we are gone. Just maybe, my grandchildren will tell their grandchildren about Grandpa Dave. Maybe that is how we live forever. 

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