Athena Watches the Descent of the Snakes, Frogs and Ants into the FirePit

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In this drawing, the golden haired goddess Athena stands with her hand over her heart on her pedestal in the beaming sun as butterflies dot the pure blue sky and birds perch on the tree. There are roses and tulips growing all around, but all is not perfect.  The dark gray arch in the pedestal gate is a sign that varmints and vermin have been captured and put behind the heavy steel bars leading to the FirePit. The two venomous snakes were caught lying; the two red ants are murderers, and the frogs, so pretty in their emerald green coats, are poisonous to the touch. They are known as the Gang of Six because they sit on a Bench and issue decisions that have made the United States a more dangerous and deadly place to live. But just because the Gang has been caught and has started descending deep into the FirePit, Athena is forlorn. The damage has been wrought.

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Julie Seyler paints, sews and draws to channel her anxiety, worry, joy and excitement. The leaked SCOTUS decision ha also inspired her to write.

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