Herschel Walker, MAGA’s Handpicked “Step-and-Fetch-It”

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As an African American, I have never liked the label “Angry Black Woman” and certainly did not think I had become one. Yet, here I am. And this Angry Black Woman has plenty to say!

My anger toward Republicans is for their cynical use of Herschel Walker for the singular purpose of flipping a blue seat. He is intellectually unqualified and the only way he should get anywhere close to the Senate is as a tourist. I am also angry with Walker for allowing himself to be used and humiliated by this “Win at All Costs” Republican Party.

Herschel Walker is a poorly educated, wife-abusing, abortion-funding, lying buffoon. His own campaign team called him a pathological liar. He should not be taken seriously as an alternative to Sen. Raphael Warnock. These two Black men are simply NOT interchangeable!

Senator Warnock is a highly qualified person of both intellect and integrity, and during his short first term in office he has demonstrated his effectiveness. As a passionate voice on the Senate floor, he convinced his fellow senators to vote to expand Medicaid availability under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to help our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Think of how much more he could accomplish if elected to a six-year term.

Republicans could not be any more transparent. They need a seat-warmer who, if elected, will do whatever they want. I grew up in the South during Jim Crow. We called men like Herschel Walker a “Step-and-Fetchit” because in the 1920s, a man named Stepin Fetchit became Hollywood’s first Black film star. Unfortunately, his persona was that of a befuddled, mumbling, shiftless, ignorant, and fully subservient fool. He became famous for making white audiences laugh at their stereotypical view of how they believed all Black men behave. Stepin Fetchit got rich, then lost everything — including his dignity.

If Walker wins, he will agreeably play the role of “Step-and-Fetch-It,” doing whatever his disingenuous, power-hungry puppet masters in the right wing demand of him. If you require proof, just look at how they used Black Sen. Tim Scott of North Carolina. Throughout 2021, Scott’s Republican “allies” allowed  him to spend months leading the work on the George Floyd Police Reform Act, and then emasculated him by refusing to support the bill.

The best case scenario for a Walker victory is that he warms that Senate seat for six years. Worst case, Senate Republicans tell Walker what to say and what to do, and then use his buffoonery in future election ads to paint all Black male candidates with Walker’s behavior. If you have doubts, just look at what they did during this election cycle — darkening the faces of Black candidates like Stacey Abrams on campaign ads and in print to make her and other Black candidates look menacing to white voters. 

Georgians, take a moment to envision Herschel Walker as your U.S. senator for six years. You have seen him humiliate himself in the local media. Do you really want your state and/or your football hero shamed in the national media? I repeat, Walker will be there for six years — doing nothing for Georgia — just stepping and fetching.

Despite Georgia’s draconian efforts to suppress your voice, do whatever it takes to VOTE on Dec. 6 and keep Senator Warnock in office.

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