Advice for Women Running for Office from a Former Candidate

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Over the last year since our campaign for New York County District Attorney ended, I’ve spoken with several women candidates and potential candidates about what to expect during the campaign and what it’s like to run for office, specifically as a woman.

I’ve had to tell people that they should expect overwhelming bullying—both online and in person. It is coordinated. It is meant to shake your confidence, distract you, and break you. You can’t let it.

The advice I give is to just focus on running your race, focus on who and what you’re fighting for. Try to block out the noise.

Campaigns are rewarding and incredible and they are ultimately about your constituents and the people who you will represent. Who you are on your campaign reflects who you’ll be in office. And there should be zero tolerance for racism, transphobia, bigotry, or misogyny.

And finally, if you are a candidate and you or your team is bullying or harassing another candidate, directly or indirectly, we see you. Stop setting a terrible example because it’s disgusting.

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