Eighteen Months in … and I’m Still Ridin’ With Biden

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Forget everything the Biden-Harris administration has accomplished in less that two years? Refresh your memory here (and then make sure your vote is cast in the midterms for continued progress).

I’m not special. Just an ordinary American citizen in her late 60s who has voted in every election since turning 18. Regardless of the party in power, I always trusted that our government was (mostly) in the hands of competent patriots with good intentions, who respected our democracy and followed the rule of law. 

Every … Single … Day of the Trump administration, I awoke to news of the heinous “act-of-the-day” that either POTUS45 or one of his sycophants had done to tarnish our reputation on the global stage. The world watched as he separated migrant children from their parents, chose to believe Putin over his own security professionals, signed executive orders to overturn Obama administration accomplishments, and turned Americans against each other while using his signature hate-filled language of violence. 

From Inauguration Day 2017 forward, defeating Donald Trump and the stench of Trumpism became my life’s mission. If the Democratic Party had nominated Big Bird, I would have worked hard to get that chicken elected! 

Fortunately, America wisely chose Joe Biden — former seven-term U.S. senator, two-term U.S. vice president, experienced statesperson, and decent human being to lead our country out of its national nightmare.

Eighteen months into the Biden administration (with razor-thin majorities in the House and Senate and in spite of two recalcitrant Democratic senators), I couldn’t be more impressed with this list of what Democrats have been able to accomplish, not for wealthy donors and lobbyists but for you and me, the American people. 

Here is just a sample from markcz.com:

I cringed at the recent news that a railroad worker strike was imminent and that Amtrak had already notified its customers to find new ways to ship their products. About 30% of the nation’s freight moves by rail. Another disruption to the supply chain would be devastating, costing the U.S. economy more than $2 billion per day, resulting in product shortages and another explosion in the price of everyday goods and groceries. But President Biden helped broker an Oval Office deal between union railroad workers and management to avert that strike. POTUS45 would likely have been at one of his golf courses. 

No matter how you feel about President Biden, he and the Democrats are delivering. They’re working on issues that ordinary people like you and me care about. 

If Republicans regain power, they promise to pass a national abortion ban. They’ll also introduce bills to end marriage equality, force a vote every five years on whether to keep Social Security and Medicare, and dismantle the federal government, effectively transforming our democracy into a white male Christian theocracy or worse. 

Don’t let this happen! First, make sure that you are registered to vote and know where to vote. If not, register here. (Twenty states and Washington, D.C., offer Election Day registration.) Next share this link with friends and family. Make sure they understand how critical this non-presidential election year truly is. Lastly, no matter what it takes — VOTE! 

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