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Women for Biden-Harris: Daily Digest, October 20

14 Days Until Election Day TUESDAY Women for Biden Weekly Tuesday Phone Bank, 7PM ET Women across the United States come together to phone bank for Joe Biden! This phone bank includes a short training at the beginning of the

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Let Us Begin to Build Our Democracy

MARCH ON WASHINGTON D.C., AUGUST 28, 1963 To build a stronger, more just democracy by empowering Vermont activists to work on behalf of voters in other states. We promote meaningful, sustained actions

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Help Us Vaccinate NOW!

Start texting now » Hi Friends, because of you we have vaccinated over 100 people in one day. You are not only helping save lives– but protect loved ones across Wisconsin.  We need


40,000 in Wisconsin

We’ve got big news Friends! Starting today, July 19th, we will be texting weekly in Wisconsin in partnership with Organizing Empowerment Project in a huge push to help folks get vaccinated. Text Troop

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