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40,000 in Wisconsin

We’ve got big news Friends! Starting today, July 19th, we will be texting weekly in Wisconsin in partnership with Organizing Empowerment Project in a huge push to help folks get vaccinated. Text Troop


Randy Bryce (Start Me Up podcast)

Randy Bryce, the former Democratic candidate nominee for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district is back! Topics: the insurrection and the piss poor reaction from Republicans, Pelosi’s demand for 25th Amendment or impeachment proceedings,


Last Day of Give Smart: Fight this SCOTUS

Friends, We’re all anxious about the Supreme Court. One of Amy Coney Barrett’s first major acts could be to take healthcare away from millions with pre-existing conditions in a case the week


BREAKING: Wisconsin Is on the Table

Friends, In the past two months Give Smart has sent more than $1 million to state legislative races across six states where we knew there could be a battle for control of


Tricia Zunker for Congress

From our Blue Wave Candidate Series we present Tricia Zunker who is running for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District!  Tricia has an AMAZING story and will bring so much to Congress! A fresh

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