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IC-SS Weekly News: Feb 27, 2023

 Critical Election in WI – Act Now!

After Wisconsin’s primary last week, two candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court are heading to the April 4 general election. Our help is critically needed to elect liberal Janet Protasiewicz, flip the Court, and keep a far-right candidate off the bench.

National Indivisible knows the importance of electing Janet Protasiewicz – as do we!
Join our letter-writing parties and find other ways to get out Wisconsin’s Democratic vote – info below:

March 2 & 9: Write Letters Together at Steve’s

Are you free this Thursday — or the next? Join us at the Kenwood home of our Vote Forward letter-writing mentor, Steve Kagan, to sip wine (BYO), nibble pizza, and write to likely Democratic voters in Wisconsin. Together, we’ll help get out the vote for the Supreme Court election.

DATES: Letter party dates are Thursday, March 2 + Thursday, March 9, 6:00-8:00 pm. Let’s reconnect, have fun, make a difference!

RSVP: To register and get the party address, please email us your full name, cell #, and date(s) you can attend: RSVP here.

Other Ways to Help Wisconsin

Whether in your Chicago home or traveling to nearby Milwaukee, you can join friendly organizers to get Democratic voters out to the polls!

Background on Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

In the fight for democracy, Wisconsin is the front line. To move toward fair elections and fend off MAGA plans in the state, Wisconsin needs to flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court from conservative to progressive, by electing liberal candidate Janet Protasiewicz over far-right Dan Kelly. The general election is Tuesday, April 4th, so we must act now.

THEN & NOW: You may remember that we campaigned for Justice Jill Karnofsky in the spring election of 2020 with postcards and phone banks. And Justice Karnofsky WON that election, beating incumbent Dan Kelly—yes, the same Dan Kelly who’s running now—and thus moved the balance of liberal judges on the bench one step closer to a majority.

Now let’s finish the job: send Dan Kelly packing for good, flip the court, and elect Janet Protasiewicz!

“PRO” TIP: Protasiewicz is pronounced “pro-tuh-SAY-wits.”

Tomorrow: Last Chance to Vote in Chicago

Have you voted yet? Tomorrow – Tuesday, February 28 – is your last chance to cast your ballot in Chicago’s municipal elections.

For info on where & when to vote, visit Chicago Board of Elections

For info on…

Resources for Tomorrow’s Chicago Election

As a Chicagoan, you’ll be voting for multiple races in the municipal election. Here’s info to help you make up your mind as you vote today or tomorrow (Feb 28).

Send us YOUR non-partisan “I voted” photo & we’ll share it!
The Basics

  • Early voting is available to today and tomorrow – through Election Day itself. For info on where you can vote, see Chicago Board of Elections Early Voting page
  • Find your ward or police district: The Triibe or Chicago Board of Elections (for registered voters)

General Info about Races and Candidates

Police District Council Races

Recommendations & Endorsement Guides

Indivisible Chicago-South Side is not making endorsements in the municipal elections. However, some organizations and activists have put out their own list of recommendations:

  • Empowered Communities Guide – based on a questionnaire, a consortium of progressive grassroots and labor organizations list which candidates for District Councils  share their values and principles.

Whatever You Do, Say NO to Paul Vallas

Paul Vallas is wrong for Chicago. Paul Vallas is a failed administrator, leaving budget messes wherever he’s gone. He promotes plans that destroy public education and good government. And, most dangerous of all, he’s welcomed the embrace of hate groups and right-wing extremists. Spread the word.

What We Can Do

To protect our city, we can:

1. Spread the word that Paul Vallas is a threat. In conversation, in your correspondence, and on social media, urge your friends and family to vote in the February 28 election to keep Paul Vallas OUT of City Hall.

2. Vote in the February 28 election. Neither Indivisible Chicago-South Side nor citywide Indivisible Chicago Alliance is endorsing a candidate in the February 28 election. Instead, we ask our members and friends to choose the candidate who best aligns with your values and your hopes for our city.

Forum Round-Up for Chicago Elections

Trying to decide? Hear from the candidates and make up your mind to vote.

Mayoral Forums

Recorded: Hear from the mayoral candidates in the following recordings.

  • From Indivisible Chicago Alliance & its Blue Beginning chapter, Feb 16 (Marj Halperin & Tom Moss interview Chuy Garcia, Brandon Johnson, Kam Buckner): Watch
  • From Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Feb 10: Watch
  • From Fox-32 Chicago, Feb 9 (caveat: crime/police framing by hosts): Watch
  • From Illinois 123GO, Feb 3: Find the recording in two parts at the Illinois 123GO Facebook page.
  • WGN-TV, Jan 31: Watch (Scroll down)
  • From Community Renewal Society + Trinity UCC, Jan 29: Watch

City Council Forums

Find recordings of past forums for various wards at League of Women Voters of Chicago.And see below for recorded 4th and 5th ward forums.

4th Ward Forum

  • 4th Ward forum: Recorded Feb 9 forum, hosted by South Loop Neighbors, Indivisible Downtown Chicago, other groups: Watch

5th Ward Forums

  • From Obama CBA Coalition and Not Me We, Jan 22: watch
  • From Save Jackson Park, Jan. 15: watch
  • From League of Women Voters of Chicago, Jan. 8: watch. And read the Hyde Park Herald summary here.

NOTE: After most 5th-ward forums took place, one candidate, Adrienne Irmer, was removed from the ballot .

Police District Council Forums

You’ll be voting for the NEW elected Police District Council for your police district. Watch these recorded webinars.

Denouncing DeSantis

Last Monday, Ron DeSantis, Florida’s right-wing governor and likely presidential candidate, spoke at Elmhurst’s Knights of Columbus hall, where he’d been invited by the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

Over 100 people turned out to reject DeSantis’s dangerous messages of hate. Indivisible Chicago Alliance was one of several event organizers and was responsible for the marshaling. It was uplifting to join with Elmhurst residents who showed up to say no to hate!

Shout-out to Steven Dornbusch (right)for serving as a marshal! Michael Aaron + Steven were among several IC-SS members at rally. Photo credits: Betsy Rubin, Steven Dornbusch

Organizations and Opportunities

Indivisible Chicago-South Side shares information and action announcements from other organizations on issues important in our country, state, city, and communities.

Tonight, Feb 27: Pretrial Fairness Teach-In

From Chicago Community Bond Fund (CCBF): Join our CCBF staff for a teach-in about our current work in 2023 in light of the legal battle for the Pretrial Fairness Act and the end of money bond in Illinois. We’ll share highlights of our work with each of our teams, including operations and fundraising, the revolving fund, and our advocacy team. 

Attend CCBF’s online teach-in What the H@&% Is Going on with CCBF? tonight, Monday, Feb 27th, 5:30-6:30 pm. RSVP here.

Prevent Torture by Police – Learn, Act

How can we stop torture by police? Read up, then take action with CAARPR’s Campaign to Free Incarcerated Survivors of Police Torture (CFIST)

What is the TIRC Act?

According to the Public Interest Law Initiative, “the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission (TIRC) was formed by the Illinois General Assembly in 2009 to investigate claims of torture by former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge or officers under his supervision.

“TIRC examines claims of tortured confessions and determines whether sufficient evidence of torture exists to merit judicial review. [Convicted people] whom the Commission refers to court then receive a new hearing on whether their confessions were the product of torture and whether they deserve a new trial.”

Photo from CAARPR’s Facebook page
What is SB1276, and how does it amend TIRC?

SB1276, a proposed amendment to the TIRC Act, is now before the Illinois General Assembly. CFIST shares information on how you can support it to stop torture to stop torture by police.

SB1276 amends the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission (TIRC) Act, which was established in 2009 to address Illinois’s history of police torture.

As it currently stands, the TIRC is underfunded and limited in scope, leaving hundreds of torture survivors trapped behind bars. SB 1276 expands the TIRC to help more wrongfully convicted individuals have a chance at freedom. See the official bill summary and text.

What Can I Do?

Through the organizing work of CFIST, Indivisible Chicago-South Side joins a long list of organizations that have endorsed SB1276.

And, as individual citizens who want to stop police torture, we can all:

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The mission of Indivisible Chicago - South Side is to unite south siders to fight for progressive values by exerting grassroots influence on our elected officials.

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