An Election Update from Wisconsin: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Let’s spend 31 seconds talking about the looming governor election in Wisconsin and what these poll numbers mean as we fight to protect our democracy.

There is good news here for Democrats …

Democrat Tony Evers is the incumbent governor of this battleground state. He’s a former educator, squeaky clean, easy going, and he’s done one helluva job stewarding this state through crisis (Trump) after crisis (Trump). (Please follow him @GovEvers.)

Rebecca Kleefisch, a Scott Walker protege, and Tim Michels, Trump’s tiny hand-selected puppet, are vying for the GOP nod to replace Evers. They are both truly awful people. Did you know that next to Florida, Wisconsin Republicans are the second-most conservative of any state? Just shows the tremendous divide we have here.

Evers leads both these candidates in the Marquette Law School poll by about 4 points — within the margin of error, but you’d rather be up 4 points than down 4 points.

And if you are saying, it is just a poll, I am saying, please go away.

I get it. Polls don’t matter if people don’t turn out. And about that …

Right now enthusiasm is UP for Republicans in this state and flat for Democrats. That’s the bad news …

The good news?

Enthusiasm will change, because it has to. I have lived here 11 years and the Democrats are badass. We relish the fight. We KNOW it will be close and we KNOW we will win. Ben Wikler runs the party and he is tremendous — a tireless worker. (Follow him @benwikler.)

But back to this poll: Michel’s surge is welcome because Kleefisch (isn’t that an awful name?) is the more moderate of the two — or as moderate as a Republican is capable of being in this state.

Michels is running on the Big Lie and kissing Trump’s two-ton, treasonous ass.

Polls (and my interaction with Wisconsin Republicans*) show that a majority are sick and tired of that lie. It is a bedrock of the GOP base but independents aren’t having it.

So … you want Evers to run against Michels.

If nothing else, Michels and Kleefisch will beat the shit out of each other and Traitor Trump will be up here sucking all the money and hot air out of every room he can fit his fat ass into.

Meantime, Evers will cruise the state picking off independents as the voice of reason.

Look, I guess I spun this one to give Democrats some hope out there. It looks like a tough cycle, but I am telling you, if we ALL take care of our backyards, WE WILL WIN.

We also plan to knock off Russia Ron Johnson, but I’ll wallop him and that subject later.

For now, get active, keep your chins up and your knees loose, and let’s protect our democracy, women, children, animals and all things good. We are Americans, and we won’t surrender our country to no-good, Republican evil-doers who mean our country harm.

*Yes, I still talk to Republicans.

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D. Earl Stephens is a published author and finished up a 30-year career in journalism as the Managing Editor of Stars and Stripes

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