GIFs and Memes for Youth Day and Bidenomics

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Empowering Youth Now and Always

International Youth Day is August 12, and young people around the world desperately need solidarity and support. From an escalating climate crisis to restrictions on fundamental freedoms, young people are facing new challenges every day. Use these images to stand with the next generation in the fight for their future.

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Biden Wins for the Working Class

President Biden’s administration has worked tirelessly to pass legislation that creates more jobs, boosts manufacturing, and rebuilds the economy. From the Inflation Reduction Act to the CHIPs and Science Act, use these images to celebrate Biden’s many wins on our way to 2024.

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Using Humor to Win the Fight

National Tell a Joke Day is August 16, and there’s nothing more laughable than the current state of the Republican party. The continual lies and backward thinking of the MAGA GOP is appalling, and we truly deserve better from our leaders. Use these memes to show how ridiculous the right-wing is and always will be.

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Art as a Medium for Advocacy: #CranesForOurFuture

In 2022, TaskForce began working with the Nuclear Threat Initiative to create GIFs, memes, and installations tackling denuclearization and the modern arms race. This week, as we mark 78 years since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the threat of nuclear war continues to rise.

The #CranesForOurFuture campaign from August 4-9 encouraged people across the globe to demand a more peaceful future by folding and sharing paper cranes. The posts by activists, political leaders, and everyday social media users brought millions together to fight for change.

To spread the message past our screens, Taskforce and the Nuclear Threat Initiative teamed up with the Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace to commission a mural from Brooklyn-based artist Gigi Murakami

The comic strip-style mural depicts the story of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl who was just two years old when the bomb hit and passed away due to leukemia a few years later. The piece directly calls out the politicians that boast their power to launch these attacks and honors the innocent people who have lost their lives to nuclear weapons.

This mural has been wheat-pasted across Washington DC and New York City to raise awareness of these very real threats and continue the momentum for positive change.

Check out the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s interview with Gigi Murakami to learn more and see the content in action. Visit the Into Action Library for even more great artwork sure to make an impact.

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