Nick Carmody

In 2010, I experienced two Traumatic Brain Injuries eight months apart. The changes in brain functioning and personality, along with a toxic divorce, and personal experiences with people with apparent Cluster B personality disorders, led me back to graduate school to try to understand and confirm my experiences. Along the way, it became apparent that my lived experience had allowed me to acquire a fair amount of extremely relevant expertise. As my "pinned" tweet on Twitter explains:

- Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice
- Juris Doctor / law degree
- 12 yr relationship with a narcissist
- Masters of Science in Psychology (4.0 GPA after 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries, and subsequent gaslighting: "lazy", "mentally weak"
- My daughter is ½ black

Sometimes life allows you to uniquely make sense of a criminal, unconstitutional, pathological, racist, and gaslighting political climate...