Attacking Democrats Will Lead to a Republican Advance

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There’s been a recent stream of attacks on Democrats by progressive Democrats, and it is so dangerous. Please pay attention. I am not saying there are no valid concerns and criticisms, but what will be achieved with a Republican-controlled government?

Let me explain how “progressive” a Republican House, Senate and POTUS will look. 

You can say goodbye to anything and everything you want, including fair elections, climate change, election reform, student loan forgiveness, environmental protections, SCOTUS expansion…

Democrats are by no means perfect. Case in point: Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. But electing Democrats is the best chance we have to effect the changes and protections we all want. In order to achieve the policies wanted by both Democrats and progressives, we must protect the House and the Senate.

Constructive criticism is fair and warranted, but this vitriol will backfire, splitting Democrats, progressives and independents. What will President DeSantis do for Democrats and progressives? What will the federal courts look like if he’s elected? What happens to the EPA?  

Will we ever again have fair elections?

if we cannibalize the Democratic Party, your vote and your issues won’t matter ever again. Dividing the Democrats is a win for Republicans.

The concerns about the Biden administration are valid. But if we don’t have a Democratic majority, nothing we want or demand for the sanctity and safety of our country will survive. Women’s rights, contraception, gay rights, same sex marriage and election integrity all will be gone.

While Biden is not perfect, he inherited:

  • Trump’s disastrous handling of the COVID pandemic 
  • a struggling economy and skyrocketing unemployment rates
  • political polarization not seen before in the US

Given the enormously divided United States and the polarization left in the wake of TFG, Biden has already accomplished a great deal and stands to accomplish much more. We Democrats need to help him and by doing so, help ourselves.

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