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Planting a Blue Seed in a Red State

Last Sunday, I watched from my living room window as two people installed a surprisingly large campaign sign in my front yard.  I had ordered it from my local Democratic Party, and they had arranged the installation. My husband and

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GIFs for tonight’s debate!

We’ve got GIFs for tonight’s debate! Kamala Harris | Phone BankTonight’s debate will probably be a little less … unorthodox … than last week’s, but the contrast between the candidates and their policies is just as clear.


WTF Was That Debate?

48 hours later are you all as mystified as I am?  That was an American Presidential debate we all watched. A debate in the year 2020, one of the saddest years I


First, Staunch the Bleeding

An open letter to Progressives, Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Greens, middle-of-the-roaders and conservative Dems Imagine for a moment that we’re the victim of a serious vehicle collision. We’re the passenger, and we’re