Meet the Candidate: Ashlyn Preaux (SC)

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Ashlyn Preaux South Carolina State House District 61

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I am a community organizer, a mom of three, and a wife. I am one of the founders of both the Grand Strand Action Together group started in 2016 and the Palmetto State Abortion Fund instituted in 2021. In 2017 I worked on the campaign to elect Mal Hyman to the US House and during the 2020 primary I worked as a field organizer for Bernie Sanders.

Why are you running for office?

I am running for office because South Carolina kids deserve a better future than what they are currently being dealt. They deserve a future that includes a quality, fully funded public education system. They deserve a future where they don’t have to worry about accessing medical care or having their healthcare needs met. They also deserve a planet that is habitable so this future can become a reality.

What are the three biggest issues facing your community?

First, infrastructure and flooding must be addressed. Crumbling roads and bridges and climate induced flooding are having some extremely negative and dangerous impacts on South Carolina residents and if nothing is done these impacts will only increase. Next, we have a serious teacher and nurse shortage in this state. South Carolinians are fleeing these professions due to abysmal conditions and even worse pay. We can make the changes needed to draw people back to these professions, and we must if our state is to thrive in the future. Lastly, abortion access under threat. Conservative state legislators continue to chip away at a woman’s right to choose, and we need to even the scales in the state house to protect women’s rights.

How do you propose to solve those problems?

I will start by bringing affordable housing and apartment living to Horry County, so that our workforce can afford to live where they work. Next I will be proposing an increase in teacher pay to a base salary of $60,000. I will also be working with local tech schools to incentivize more people to choose the nursing profession. Additionally, I pledge here and now that I will always fight back against anti choice legislation.

What is your stance on environmental and climate concerns that are facing your community?

We live in a district that deals with a lot of flooding issues. The science on climate change says this is not going to get any better without change on our part. One issue that has increased flooding issues is the rapid development we’ve experienced. This issue could be mitigated if we prioritized apartment homes over single family homes. Multifamily housing takes up less space, which allows for better infiltration of floodwaters and gives our workers more affordable places to live.

What commonsense gun safety measures would have the most impact on your community?

I would start by finally closing the boyfriend loophole. South Carolina is plagued by domestic violence and right now there is a gap in the law that allows abusers to still get firearms legally. When 82,739 South Carolinians each year will be victims of intimate partner violence, allowing abusers access to firearms will cost many lives.

How would criminal justice reforms impact your community?

The same way it would any other community — by giving folks a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes, but it shouldn’t ruin someone’s life. The state of South Carolina needs to release and expunge the records of anyone who has been convicted of a low-level marijuana related offense. 

How would you work to protect a woman’s reproductive health?

I feel very strongly about this topic. Women have the right to control their own bodies and with that their own destinies. I would never vote for any legislation that would restrict abortion.

What measures would you advocate to ensure that your constituents have the right to vote?

Every eligible voter should be allowed and encouraged to vote without fear of harassment or hardship. I would not support any bills that would make it harder for citizens to exercise their right to vote.

Anything else?

I am Pro legalization! Over 25 other states have legalized marijuana in some form. South Carolina needs to look at the positive impacts of this and get on board. I support legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, with responsible regulation. We can use revenue from this to cover costs for other areas like infrastructure, education, and more. Not only will this bring in revenue for the state, this also will create jobs and help local farmers.

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