Senator Ron Johnson’s Relentless Attack on America

How Long Are We Going to Let Him Get Away With This?

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Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is one of the most dangerous men in America. 

Forgetting if you can his unrelenting attack on women’s rights and our social security benefits, I want to spend the next three minutes talking about his steady assault on truth and the underpinnings of our nation’s democratic values.

This two-term, double-talking, morally busted lout is exactly who President Biden was warning us about during his stirring speech in Philadelphia Thursday night detailing the threats to our Democracy: “They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies,” Biden said of Johnson and his pathetic ilk. 

Johnson dutifully earned the moniker “Russia Ron” when he somehow thought it was a prudent idea to use OUR taxpayer money to spend OUR Independence Day vacationing in Moscow in 2018.

Russia Ron made this insane trip with seven other Republican senators, who claimed (lied) they were simply in search of a better relationship with Mother Russia, who’s feelings were hurt when it was alleged she’d done some very bad things by interfering with our 2016 elections and successfully helped to install the traitor, Donald Trump, as President of the United States.

These eight, bought-off creeps needed to satisfy themselves, at taxpayers’ expense, that Vladimir Putin’s claims that there was no interference in our elections was somehow true. 

I mean, why believe our national intelligence agencies, which found there most definitely WAS significant interference in our elections by Putin, when you can spend a few days as worthless pawns being wined, dined, and lied to on July 4th by the murderous dictator’s Russian Chamber of Commerce?

The timing, of course, also coincided with Traitor Trump’s push to have Russia readmitted to the Group of Seven (G-7). Russia had recently fallen out of favor with the Group of Six for, among other unsavory things, helping install fascist puppets like Traitor Trump to lead governments all over the world.

Traitor Trump, who never paid a debt he didn’t like (just about all of them), was going to make good and damn sure he paid this one to Putin … 

Meantime, Russia Ron and his clownish Senate cohorts were fed several portions of horseshit by Putin’s finest. Russia’s state media drooled all over the Gang of Ate. They were such polite, willing conspirators. Er, customers.

Without hesitation, they bought and devoured the heaping helping of lies, counterintelligence and propaganda they were being served by their Master Chef Putin.

“We’ve blown it way out of proportion,” the fattened and complicit Johnson finally said of Putin’s attack on America as he wiped away the crumbs.

That set the stage for Traitor Trump, who just 12 days later, dutifully met with Putin in Helsinki to pay off his debt, and gave what is easily the most disturbing, disgusting performance by any president in history when he melted like a wrinkled, orange blob at the feet of his Dear Leader, saying “President Putin says it’s not Russia (interfering in our elections). I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

It goes without saying, but I’ll type it anyway for emphasis: Given what the entire world now knows about the brutal Putin, how incredibly awful does Johnson’s trip to Russia look now, my friends?

But here we are, four years later, and Russia Ron is running for reelection again in Wisconsin. 

These days he runs with a horrific Republican crowd in this state that just spent $1.2 million of OUR taxpayer money in a disgusting effort to overturn OUR votes in an election that was legitimately won by Joe Biden.

Worse (because it always gets worse with Johnson), nobody knows that Traitor Trump lost the election and the State of Wisconsin any better than Putin’s buddy, Russia Ron, himself.

How do we know this? Because he literally said so, just one year ago:

“And that’s why he lost.”

Amazing, eh? 

And if that was all Johnson has pulled during his 12-year, treasonous crime spree up here, it would be more than enough to send him packing.

Except, there is more.

WAY more.

Because despite knowing full well Traitor Trump was defeated by Joe Biden in this state by 21,000 votes, he decided to attack our Democracy on January 6, 2021, by trying to deliver outgoing Vice President Mike Pence a fake slate of Wisconsin electors

Despite KNOWING TRAITOR TRUMP LOST, Johnson was going to sidle up with the Proud Boys, and all the other anti-American scum who attacked our country that terrible day by completely disregarding the voters in the State of Wisconsin.

We know now that Pence actually did the right thing for once, and wouldn’t have anything to do with Johnson’s treasonous attack on America. He wanted nothing to do with Johnson’s ghastly overture. 

That, of course, makes it no less a crime. Russia Ron was once again all in on an attack on America. Johnson was perfectly willing to throw out our votes in Wisconsin to re-install a dictator, Traitor Trump, into the White House, thus ending our democracy for good. 

He’s still trying.

I’m really not sure who the hell this rotten son of a bitch thinks he is, but I can understand why he thinks he can get away with his repeated attacks on our democracy.

There are still far too many dark places for evil to hide in plain sight in America. 

Originally published by D. Earl Stephens here on his Substack “Enough Already.”

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D. Earl Stephens is a published author and finished up a 30-year career in journalism as the Managing Editor of Stars and Stripes

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