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Women for Biden-Harris: Daily Digest, October 20

14 Days Until Election Day TUESDAY Women for Biden Weekly Tuesday Phone Bank, 7PM ET Women across the United States come together to phone bank for Joe Biden! This phone bank includes a short training at the beginning of the

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Rogan’s List for February 6, 2023

Condemn censorship, fight misinformation, win key elections, and more! Contact all members of Congress: Contact White House or other federal agencies: CORRECTIONS AND UPDATES Share Subscribe

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Why I’m Writing Postcards

Join Me Why I’m Writing Postcards I’m writing to Wisconsin citizens to get them registered. Please join me. Its powerful:My message is short: 27 words of which 20 are one syllable. I


Lean Left Vermont Weekly Actions Update

Ella Baker“I have always thought that what is needed is the development of people who are interested not in being leaders as much as in developing leadership in others.” In 1957 that

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