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Six Weeks to Go–Actions You Can Take to Win the Election

Come Celebrate with Us! Our Virtual Rally Is a Salute to Lean Left’sGiving Circles and Postcarders You’ve worked hard all these months for Reclaim Our Vote, so Lean Left is thrilled to invite you to meet ROV’s Director Andrea Miller. Andrea will talk to

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Recharging for 2022

Monthly Newsletter December 2021Don’t be anxious, be active! Lean Lefters put up a good fight in 2020. We didn’t win everything, but we had significant victories. We helped protect voting rights and


The Next Generation of North Carolina Organizing Event

 Join Special Guest Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and the leaders of Down Home, the New NC Project, and NC Asian Americans Together to learn the inside scoop on how organizing voters is done in North Carolina. These great organizations


Protect the Vote

The Filibuster:Change It or Dump ItBut Get Voting Rights Done! To get the Freedom to Vote Act through the Senate the filibuster either has to go or be completely overhauled. Republicans have


It’s time for some Good Trouble!

Time for Some Good Trouble Time to pass theFreedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act  5 actions you can do today! States Matter  Virginia!   Make calls with

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