Rogan’s List for February 17, 2023

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Get out the vote in Wisconsin, support East Palestine, teach African-American history, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • TEACH ACCURATE AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY While the College Board appears to think their claim that changes to the AP African-American Studies curriculum had nothing to do with objections leveled by Florida’s Department of Education is credible, the lengthy exchanges between these two, beginning in January 2022, belies the College Board’s assertion. As this Florida document makes clear, the DOE wanted 19 changes to the AP course, including the elimination of vital current topics like intersectionality, incarceration, reparations, and the Black Lives Matter movement; now, they want more revision.  We need to urge the College Board not to capitulate — at all but certainly not further — to Florida’s demands, but rather to offer an intellectually responsible and historically complete curriculum in African-American Studies. 
    Leading voices in journalism have written an open letter to the New York Times criticizing their failures in reporting on trans people, and called for them to enforce their standards on ensuring fair coverage without pseudoscience or sensationalism and with full context about the agenda of their anti-trans sources. The letter is led by New York Times journalists and contributors, but readers and subscribers are encouraged to sign, too, and more than 20,000 already have. Let’s read the letter, share it, and add our names to the call for fair and unbiased coverage of the trans community.
    The Civics Center, whose mission is to get every high school student registered to vote, is looking to hire a Midwest organizing director ahead of the 2024 election. The organizing director will work “with partner organizations, students, educators, parents, policy makers, volunteers, and donors to create the infrastructure for high school voter registration.” Let’s spread the word, or even consider applying ourselves!



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