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Reproductive Rights


Choose your college carefully

Choose your college carefully Students Re-Think College Plans in States With Abortion Bans – U.S. News Check this map for 6,559 schools including colleges, universities, junior colleges, trade schools and more. It also features the


Rogan’s List for March 8, 2023

National Voter Registration Summit, Family detention, environmental justice, and more! Contact all members of Congress: Contact White House or other federal agencies: STATE-SPECIFIC ACTIONS Share Subscribe


Republicans push to ban teenage sex

Republicans push to ban teenage sex What’s the difference between extreme Christian conservatives and the Taliban when forcing their values on everyone else? A notorious Trump judge just fired the first shot


Blue Wave Advisory

Blue Wave Advisory “Women are already showing up in large numbers, and they’re going to show up in masse to vote driving a blue Democratic tsunami.” – Michael Moore Messaging experts advised framing

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