Neck and Neck


Ohio is in play this year, folks — but don’t just take it from me. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck


Election Day is 123 days away

This week I had the privilege of (virtually) welcoming dozens of new organizers to the 2020 Victory: Battleground Ohio team, and they


WOW — Women Organizing Women Newsletter

Improving Black Maternal Health Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President Stephanie Howse’s legislation to address racial disparities and improve prenatal and maternal health


The Trump Recession


As Donald Trump tries to push false claims about the economy, the Ohio Democratic Party is pushing back, releasing a new video


What happened in Georgia?

What happened in Georgia makes my blood boil, and it should infuriate anyone who cares about the right to vote.


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Eric Jenkins Social Media Captain
Lorraine Wilburn Outreach Captain
Rob Michaels Social Media Captain
L. Renee' Chubb Outreach Captain
Kimberly Yost Content Captain


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