by Julie Frontera


First they came for the Jews.

First they came for the Jews. Republican Ultra-MAGA political violence has terrifying parallels. Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. – George Santayanya Perhaps that’s why the GOP


Insurrection Planning Guide

Insurrection planning guide The fictional Dr. Evil shows how to plan an insurrection with real examples from the Jan 6th insurrection. Understand the planning behind the Jan 6th insurrection with this parody.


Billionaire Union Busters

Billionaire union busters How do billionaire CEOs get richer by exploiting workers while preventing them from organizing? Follow the money. Billionaires have rigged the system to make it harder for


Racism runs for office


Racism runs for office A mass shooter kills ten people in Buffalo inspired by a racist ‘replacement’ conspiracy theory pushed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News and embraced by Republican candidates. “House GOP

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