by Julie Frontera


Who’s your political rep?

Who’s your political rep? Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) said he may prosecute women for ending their own pregnancies. – Law & Crime Who is your political rep? Congressperson? Senator? Governor? State Attorney


The 7 Habits Of Authoritarians

The 7 Habits Of Authoritarians Authoritarians use a playbook to overturn democracy and steal power. Learn to recognize and counter their seven habits. Dictators used to overthrow democracies by a military coup. Now they


Tesla fatalities map

Tesla fatalities map “Tesla is under US criminal investigation over self-driving claims… Reuters learns US DoJ launched investigation last year after more than a dozen crashes, some fatal, involving Autopilot


Leave no American voter behind

Leave no American voter behind Millions of Americans can’t vote because of a prior conviction despite having served their sentence! Did you know that 5.2 million Americans are disenfranchised? 2.3% of the


MISSING: Supreme Court Code of Ethics

MISSING: Supreme Court Code of Ethics Supreme Court Faces Increasing Scrutiny From Congress – NY Times Congressional Democrats are intensifying their critical focus on the Supreme Court in the wake of accusations of leaked


Wanted: Congressional Innovation Fellows

Wanted: Congressional Innovation Fellows Image: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Congress needs tech innovation. Become a paid Congressional Innovation Fellow. Talented technologists get first-­hand experience in federal policymaking and shape the future


Republican BS Detector

Republican BS Detector Do you understand what Republicans really mean? Test yourself with this quiz. Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth.

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