by Julie Frontera


Whistleblowers expose wrongdoing

Whistleblowers expose wrongdoing The Signals Network helps whistleblowers who speak out against corporate and government wrongdoing. A whistleblower exposes activity that is illegal, immoral, illicit, unsafe, fraud, or abuse of taxpayer funds. This


Hate Has Consequences

Hate has consequences Hate mongers pay a price when exposed. How do you find out about racists and white supremacists who would rather stay anonymous? One People’s Project (OPP) monitors and publishes


Domestic Political Terrorism

Domestic political terrorism Democracies depend on the freedom to vote. Political violence to steal power is a clear and present danger. This StoryMap is based on Clinton Watts recent article in Selected Wisdom about the threat domestic


Disinformation 101

Disinformation 101 How to Spot Fake News: A Disinformation Check List Vaccination is a good defense against COVID. Inoculation works similarly and builds your resistance against being infected by disinformation.


Student Loans

Student loans Financiers make billions while students are crushed by loans. Follow the money and political lobbying to see how the system is rigged. “More than 40 million Americans have


Cancel Student Debt

Cancel Student Debt Why do Republicans ignore the deficit when they give tax cuts to wealthy donors, but use it as an excuse to deny relief from crushing student loans?


Put people first, not politics.

“GOP lawmaker takes credit for infrastructure funding after voting against it” – American Independent Why do Republicans block funds that would help the lives of the people who elected them? How

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