Editorial Guidelines


To cultivate, amplify & maximize the impact of grassroots digital media, bolstering blue electoral and policy victories at all levels of government, across America.


We envision a civil, fact-based and grassroots-led conversation that is free of profit motive, where digital tools and social platforms are harnessed to maximize the connectivity, coordination & impact of the grassroots activist community.

The Basics:

Content that “is” DemCast:

  • Fact-based and sourced.
    • Factual pieces should cite at least two sources.
    • Reporting should include attributed quotes from at least two people.
    • Opinions will be clearly labeled as such.
  • Intersectional, inclusive and feminist.
  • Grassroots.
  • Related to politics/civic engagement/social justice.

Content that “is not” DemCast:

  • Conspiracy theories. 
  • Plagiarized material, without proper sources or citations. 
  • Hit pieces against individuals, groups, or organizations. 

The Details:

  1. DemCast will feature reporting, analysis, OpEds and podcasts, videos and graphics produced by grassroots activists. 
  2. Though we want to encourage any and all to submit content, submission does not guarantee publication. We want our readers to trust the quality and veracity of our content so that they keep coming back, so we will have a filter to ensure submitted content meets our guidelines, is well produced, and of high quality. DemCast may refer to other partner outlets when we choose not to publish content.
  3. Candidates, elected officials and campaign staff can submit Op-Eds for the site as well, but we cannot coordinate with them about any non-public information related to their campaign strategy behind the scenes. It’s just an open invite for them to share their perspectives. They can also post new campaign videos and graphics. 
  4. DemCast will not endorse candidates during the primaries. Grassroots activists submitting to the site can absolutely make their case about why others should support their preferred candidates.
  5. DemCast is intended to boost the movement on the left, and highlight the destructive and harmful policies pushed by the right. As such, we do not intend to publish content that may be destructive for an eventual nominee who would be facing GOP opposition in the general election. DemCast is therefore unlikely to publish take-downs of left-leaning/Democratic candidates. Reasoned comparisons of primary candidates based on policy and qualifications are encouraged.
  6. DemCast will not be overly focused on the corruption or illegal activities of the Trump Administration. Although we will not avoid it altogether, we will not publish a significant amount on these topics. There are plenty of outlets focused in that space. However, DemCast is excited to share information about actions that grassroots activists can take and/or policies that they can support to steer the country back in the right direction.
  7. DemCast will have a bias toward action & activism. We don’t just want to inform, but we want to curate and deliver resources to readers/listeners/viewers that motivate them to take action. We are happy to post info about events, rallies & other in-person gatherings that local activist groups want to promote.
  8. Particular areas of focus for DemCast are: 
    • Elections at the local, state & national level
    • Get out the vote initiatives
    • Voting rights and election security
    • Activism itself – resources & strategies for connecting better as a community
    • Core policy areas like reproductive rights, climate change, gun control, immigration & health care reform – especially how they pertain to local areas and states, with a focus on calls to action.

Whenever possible, we prefer that authors provide full names and contact information. In cases where anonymity is necessary for safety or employment reasons, the author’s identity should be revealed to the Executive Director and the Director of Content, but it can be withheld from publication.

Comment Policy

All comments on this site are moderated to reduce spam and personal attacks. We will approve comments that make substantive critiques, but our mission is to lift voices, so comments that demean, attack, or are non-constructive will not be shared.

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