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2020 Elections

To the People of West Virginia

If you send me to Washington DC as your United States Senator, I can promise you I will not be the politician that goes to DC and we never hear from.

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Democrats Work for America

Why Grassroots Assessment Matters

Supporting the national and state parties vs. supporting a grassroots organization isn’t an either-or question. It’s important that we have strong Democratic organizations such as the DNC, DCCC and DSCC — which


Tiffany Gardner, CEO of Reflect.US

Tiffany Gardner, CEO of Reflect.US, a nonpartisan coalition working to increase the number of women in office, looks back at the 2020 election cycle with an analysis of how women candidates faired at all levels

1.6.21 Attacks

The Week That Was

Introducing a new feature here at DemCast. Every Saturday we will feature images that sum up the week as our artists, writers and editors experienced it. Our debut graphic, created by our

Alto and two-way street

¿En qué año estamos?

El nuevo año empieza, y como muchos anhelo desesperadamente la calma, el regreso a la “normalidad” que antes disfrutamos sin saberla valorar. Quiero ser positiva, cooperar con los que están sanando, reconstruyendo,

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Thank You to All of Our Volunteers

To Our Amazing Volunteers: We cannot express how grateful we are for all the incredible things that you have accomplished during this campaign season. Together, you managed to hang over 60,000 door hangers

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