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Reflections on 2020

2020. I hardly know where to begin.  My beloved mom died this year, in September.  She did not die of COVID, but since she lived in a different state than me, pandemic

Alto and two-way street

¿En qué año estamos?

El nuevo año empieza, y como muchos anhelo desesperadamente la calma, el regreso a la “normalidad” que antes disfrutamos sin saberla valorar. Quiero ser positiva, cooperar con los que están sanando, reconstruyendo,

people toasting wine glasses

What a Year

Dear Friends,  In every sense, 2020 turned out very differently than we thought it would a year ago. It’s been a year with real challenges, big and small. And, it’s a year in


GA is Still On Our Mind

With the Senate runoff in less than a month, we are keeping Georgia on our mind! Get involved via fundraising, phone banking, text banking, and postcarding.

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