To the People of West Virginia

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Richard Ojeda, II, in the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office, filing to run for US Senate.

Many people across the state of West Virginia became angered when I resigned my West Virginia state Senate seat.  I did that because after finding success with the medical cannabis bill and being one of the most influential legislators during the teachers strike the GOP let it be known that I was going to pay. And they were going to do so by silencing me and stated that no matter what the bill was, if my name was on it, it would not see the light of day in committee. I made the decision to run for congress and go over their heads in order to win and bring opportunities to our state that they cannot stop. After running a campaign that was #1 out of 435 congressional races in turning red votes blue, I realized that the problems that we faced in WV are the same problems that we face across the United States and I made the decision to throw my hat in the ring to run for the Presidency of the United States. 

Just after two months into my campaign I realized after receiving a donation check from a handicapped woman that I did not feel comfortable continuing to accept donations from people who struggle when the news media was refusing to give me an equal voice. That is when I made the decision to try and get my state Senate seat back. Shortly after calling the Capitol and speaking to the Senate clerk I was informed that my letter of resignation was already in the hands of Senator Mitch Carmichael and that was the moment I realized that there was nothing I could do. I want to reassure everyone who hears my voice that I am committed to the citizens of West Virginia. I’m asking for forgiveness but also adding a promise.

Every day that I stood on that Senate floor you knew I was there because I was giving speeches and I was fighting for people of this state. I fought for pay raises, I fought to keep the wage bond and I stood with unions. After much thought and communication with family and friends I have decided to continue my fight for the state I was raised in and love. I have decided to take on Shelly Moore Capito in the United States Senate race. I believe Mitch McConnell needs a thorn in his side and nobody is better at that than me . . . Richard Ojeda. 

If you send me to Washington DC as your United States Senator, I can promise you I will not be the politician that goes to DC and we never hear from except when it’s time for reelection. You will know I am in DC because I will be fighting every day for new opportunities to come to West Virginia so that coal miners can have real jobs to transition to when the coal operator pull pitch and runs. I will fight for the addicted and go head to head with big pharma and one day hold them accountable for using my state as their personal laboratory in which to test their drugs by using our citizens as modern-day lab rats. I will focus on providing more capabilities for our elderly to include those that have stepped up to the plate and have established the roles of raising their grandchildren in order to keep them out of the foster care system. I will fight to stop discrimination against those from the LGBTQ community because WE ARE ALL WORTHY. I will fight to end Citizens United and to get big money out of politics. I will fight to protect the 2nd amendment while bringing forward sensible gun reform that will block people with mental disabilities, a history of violence, and those connected to all gangs including white supremacists. I will push national legislation that will benefit teachers, correctional officers, and first responders. 

In closing, I want to reiterate my dedication to fighting for people that have been silenced for far too long. My dedication is to turn our state into something more than just a place that is known for struggle. I’m asking each one of you to give me the chance to be your voice in DC, and if you do, I promise you I will not let you down. Sappers clear the way! Airborne all the way!
Richard Ojeda II 

Richard Ojeda, II, in the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, filing to run for US Senate, January 13, 2020. Photo by April Edwards.
Richard Ojeda, II, in the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, filing to run for US Senate, January 13, 2020. Photo by April Edwards.
Richard Ojeda, II, in the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, filing to run for US Senate, January 13, 2020. Photo by April Edwards.

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I believe that elected officials work for the people, not the other way around. After 24 years in the U.S. Army, I came home and found my district of southern West Virginia in poverty with people who were tired of a government that didn’t listen to them. That is when I decided to run for office and give the people of my district a voice in Washington.


  1. Thank you Richard Ojeda! Thank you for speaking truth!
    I am in North Carolina after retiring as a teacher in West Virginia, but I will support your campaign to unseat Shelley Capito. She really needs to go!

  2. I can tell you from watching things and I was a registered Democrat and I switch the Republican cuz I don’t like what the Democrats are doing you might be an old-school Democrat that did believe in Union helping people it’s an todays Democrat more towards socialism and higher taxes taking your second amendment rights so it would be very hard for you to even when running on the Democratic ticket. Today’s Democratic party has pissed a lot of people off can I think Trump’s going to sweep this 2020 election and the rest of the Republicans is going to ride his coattails to victory

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