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Kirk Acevedo (Start Me Up podcast)

Actor Kirk Acevedo, A.K.A. #KidVicious, is back (and he’s my first guest during the Biden administration!) Topics: Democrats need better messaging, especially with the Latino vote; Ivanka Trump poses a real threat


Our Last TWIT – We hope!

This year we brought you a boat load of TWITs “This Week In Trump”  Today we recap four years of clown sized clothes, 10′ long red ties to cover an ever expanding


The Testing of our Democracy

1812, The Civil War, Nixon, all things that stretched our Democracy. Until now, we have not had a violent attempted Coup from the highest levels of the US Government, SCOTUS, Senate, House


Insurrection From Within

We warned you, we warned you and here it is trump’s insurrection, a violent coup to stay in power. And He was enabled at the highest levels! #DemCast 

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