Kelly Noland for Congress (MI-10)

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Kelly Noland is running to represent the region of Michigan referred to as the ‘thumb’ in reference to Michigan’s mitten shape. This seat is currently held by Republican Paul Mitchell.

Noland grew up on a farm, dreaming of being a doctor or a nurse. To reach her dreams, she enlisted in the Army at 17 years old.

While serving, she obtained her LPN degree and delivered babies while on active duty.

“This part of my life gave me a respect for the discipline it takes to be good at anything–you have to work hard to reach your goals. There are no easy jobs in the United States Army,” Noland said.

Using the GI Bill, Noland completed an Associate Degree in Nursing at Macomb Community College. Her nursing work spans the areas of gerontology to the maternity experience from the Army.

“Whether in the Army, in the nursing profession, or being elected to office, I want to serve. Taking this next step into Congress expands my capacity to help my neighbors. After years navigating the current healthcare system, where I’ve had a front-row seat to the unnecessary burden the entire system places on patients and caregivers, it’s time for me to improve it on a larger stage.”

Noland has been married for 17 years. Her special needs son attends public high school.

“I commend the hard work undertaken every day by underpaid public school staff. As a country, we must prioritize our children’s future to safeguard our place in the wider world marketplace,” said Noland.

Since the election of Ronald Regan, Noland has followed politics and government in a peripheral way. But now she is ready to do more, contribute more, and help more.

The 2016 Watershed

Watching Donald Trump’s rise to political power in 2016 was difficult for Noland. She recognized the emotional trauma he was inflicting on women, both close to him and in the electorate.

Noland remarked, “As a healthcare professional, I have comforted women suffering from a myriad of traumatic situations; I could not stand by and accept those trauma-causing behaviors becoming normalized on a National level.”

“As a woman in a male-dominated workplace, I have experience firsthand the types of harassment that is prevalent in our society. I am very aware of the disparity in gender and pay inequality in the workplace.”

Run for Congress

Noland sees the MI-10 district as ‘two sides to the same coin’ when it comes to urban and rural area needs. To live their best lives, all citizens require:

  • Strong infrastructure such as roads and bridges.
  • Expanded mass transit.
  • Access to physical and mental health care.
  • Increased access to higher education through local partner sites (tele-education) and digital methods.
  • Stimulation of local economies with an emphasis on small business.
  • Better outreach and services for veterans and their families.

“Rural areas are also tired of Republican leadership that pays lip service to rural broadband access but does nothing to make it a reality. It’s time for a change,” added Noland.

“I have lived in the 10th, attended school in the 10th, raised my child in the 10th and plan to serve the 10th in any way I can. The Army taught me how to get the job done when I was 17–you don’t quit until the mission is accomplished.”

 To learn more about Kelly, donate to her campaign, or volunteer, visit

Women on the Horizon

Unresponsive, out-of-touch elected officials is a theme seen over and over in Michigan today. Years of gerrymandering, scape goating, and empty promises have seen backward slides in public education funding, slashes to environmental and public health protection agencies, and the stripping of worker rights in the state that birthed the UAW.

But with leaders in Congress on the horizon like Kelly Noland, Michigan has a bright future to lead the nation in middle class growth, talent development, and economic stability.

Learn more about the Women Lead Michigan series.

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