The Heartbreak of Sexual Assualt in High School

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The Heartland mamas are following a story in the Glenbard School System based in Mama Heidi’s home town of Glen Ellyn, IL.

5 girls were attacked by the same male student athlete, one of those attacks were on school grounds. The Glenbard school system decided the best approach was to have the victims sign a no contact order preventing them from discussing online or in person their assault. 

The male student athlete has not had any reprimands or restrictions on his access to Glenbard South High School or his victims. 

The students, parents and Alumni have called on the superintendent and Dean Amy Velasquez to take action and/or resign. At the time of this recording, neither the Glen Ellyn police or the DuPage States Attorney have brought charges or recommendations regarding this matter. 

Mama Heidi graduated from Glenbard South High School in 1978. A #MeToo victim herself, Mamas Heidi sees that “slut shaming” continues and prevails with no change in the 42 years since She left her Alma Mater. How disappointing! 

We applaud the activism and outreach of our contact Molly who is now away at college. For her relentless pursuit of justice for these student victims. 

We urge you to call the DuPage County States Attorney Robert Berlin (630)407-8000 and demand JUSTICE for these girls! 

No victim or accused names are given in our report. And we will follow up regularly with Molly to update this story. How SHAMEFUL that Glenbard schools still do not trust the girls that attend their schools but they still laud and honor the male athletes that walk their halls no matter what their character flaws might be. As this his the platforms, we remind you, that HE still walks among his accusers without restrictions.


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