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Former candidates, activists, mothers, women-Heidi Henry and Murri Briel bring you the Heartland Mamas perspective on policy, priorities, and politics.

trump ‘s very own AG

When you are President your DO NOT OWN the AG – or do you?  Another OUTRAGEOUS trumpism and the criminal behavior of one William Barr  http://www.HeartlandMamas.com #DemCast 


Another OMG TWIT “This week in trump”

Because orange Caligula could not just be decent and die from COVID 19 we had to do this. Listen in as we dissect This Week In trump  http://www.heartlandMamas.com  #DemCast 


Tricia Zunker for Congress

From our Blue Wave Candidate Series we present Tricia Zunker who is running for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District!  Tricia has an AMAZING story and will bring so much to Congress! A fresh


Warp Speed into Doom?

The trump administration is dumping BILLIONS of dollars into corporate America to prop up the stock market. Ostensibly to develop a cure and vaccine for COVID-19 by January 2021. But the trump administration’s


Tsunami of Misogyny

The Heartland Mamas know that the choice of a woman as part of the Democratic ticket is going to cause the white patriarchy and those that enable and embrace them to come

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