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Will the Real Glenn Youngkin of Virginia Please Stand Up?

Meet the “Youngkins” Nice Guy Youngkin Here is the meek and mild Glenn Youngkin offered to Democrats and independents in a media blitz of bland, nonthreatening ads that often appeared more Democratic than Republican. This Youngkin was described by a

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Rogan’s List for February 6, 2023

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Virginians Embrace Renewable Energy

President Joe Biden recently announced that, in response to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. would halt its import of Russian fossil fuels. Republicans are using this action, along with rising


How can I help make a difference now?

We know that people are getting a bit weary of fighting for the Progressive causes, but there are some very important things happening in the next few weeks that can really use


Protect the Vote

The Filibuster:Change It or Dump ItBut Get Voting Rights Done! To get the Freedom to Vote Act through the Senate the filibuster either has to go or be completely overhauled. Republicans have

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