GIFs to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day and National Coming Out Day

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October 11: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

We celebrate and honor all Native American and Indigenous people not only on this holiday, but every day. We all live on Native land. Use these GIFs to commit to uplift Indigenous causes, celebrate Indigenous culture, and support community healing. 

Image with the words "native indigenous lives matter" on it
Image with the words "Indigenous peoples' day educate, acknowledge, celebrate" on it
Image with the phrase "indigenous people's day" written

Virginia Election

Just because its an odd-numbered year, doesn’t mean there aren’t critical elections happening. Virginia voters go to the polls on November 2, and whether you’re a Virginian or not, you can help make sure the state stays Blue by spreading awareness and sharing this collection.

October 10: World Mental Health Day

Mental health is health. With so much happening in the world right now, it can be hard to figure out how to talk about mental health. Share these GIFs to join the conversation around mental health awareness. 

Image of the phrase "do something for your mental health today!" written with turning smiley faces
GIF of someone walking with the words "Today is a great day to take a first step"
GIF of a notebook with the words "be kind to yourself today" written on the page

October 11: National Coming Out Day

Coming out about your sexuality should be liberating and empowering, not shameful. Share these GIFs to show your dedication to giving space to those in the LGBTQ+ community to declare who they are loud and proud, and fight back against homophobia. 

GIF of the LGBTQ+ flag
GIF of a rainbow with multicolor hearts falling from it. The phrase "love is love" appears
Thought bubble with the words "love always wins" written on it. The word always is in rainbow lettering

Meet the Artist

Ruchita Bait

Ruchita is an Indian freelance illustrator and designer who loves to work in various styles but she really enjoys doing hand lettering and typography art. She graduated in Design & Applied Arts and worked in prominent advertising agencies as an art director for 7 years, and is now working as a full-time freelance artist. Check her out: @ruchita_bait.
Image of the phrase "let love quiet their fear"

GIFs and Memes to Fight Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering obstructs voting power for us all. To protect our right to vote we have to fight back against gerrymandering everywhere. Here are some GIFs and memes to share about gerrymandering. 

Image of someone holding a sign that says "keep redistricting fair & nonpolitical"
Image of a cut up USA and someone breaking a pencil. The words on top read "end gerrymandering so voters pick their leaders" on it
Image of people drawing boundaries on the USA. The words on top read "don't let gerrymandering divide us"

Voting Rights 

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Meme of rick and morty
Meme of a google search about gerrymandering
Meme of two spidermen pointing at each other with the words "silencing the people" on one and the words "gerrymandering" on the other
Meme of two maps with a lady saying she likes one and not the other

Raising Awareness Against AAPI Hate Through Art

To address the increasing wave of anti-Asian hate, IntoAction and LA v Hate partnered with local artist and renowned cartoonist MariNaomi to produce a larger-than-life comicstrip installed in the San Gabriel Valley as part of the effort to elevate awareness about the Asian American & Pacific Islander experience.

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