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Flip It Blue TODAY @NOON

Flip It Blue, Organizing Our Way to Victory! February 3, 12pmET What does it take to flip a U.S. Senate seat, a Virginia House of Delegates seat, or even a county Supervisor



Dear Friends, Below are the Calls to Action that need to be acted on ASAP.  Please take a few minutes to stay on top of the CTAs. Your voice makes a difference.


BADASS Briefing

I’m here in Richmond watching the Virginia Grassroots bills move through the legislature.  You can easily keep an eye on them here. You can also see the work that still needs to be done here in the


Take Action NOW with the Virginia Grassroots

The Virginia legislative session is well underway, with the Virginia Grassroots bills making some movement. You can easily keep an eye on them here, yet more importantly, please join us in taking the time each


BADASS Briefing, January 12, 2023

We certainly have some celebrating going on!  With the wins of Aaron Rouse for Senate and Holly Seibold for Delegate and an impressive win that has emboldened Jade to run for Senate. 


Tuesday Tidbits

I hope that you received yesterday’s Monday Mustdos.  I included all of the information that you need to help out today with our Special Elections.  I’m cheering and working for all of our candidates.


BADASS Briefing, January 5, 2023

The first order of business is to be sure to set aside time in these final days to support our candidates running for the Special Elections on January 10.  This is the


Network NOVA Newsletter

Dear Friends, As usual in Virginia, 2023 has only just begun but we are already deep in special election season.  We have the opportunity to add, not only to our Virginia Senate,

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