“It’s only hopeless when you give up.” —Sylvia Earle

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“It would be so easy to say, ‘Why bother? The problems are so big that there’s nothing I can do . . .’ But it’s only hopeless when you give up. Change happens because of individuals who team up with others or inspire others. And soon you’ve got 10 or 100 or 1,000, and then you’ve got a movement.” — Sylvia Earle, author/climate activist

In a Nutshell . . .

We’re going to be fighting these battles for the rest of our lives.
We know what we’re up against; “they” aren’t going to change.
WE must be the change that powers the movement.



Democrats lost the top three seats in the state and likely their majority in the House of Delegates (votes are still being counted). Our Sister District candidates were split: Wendy Gooditis won her race; Lashrecse Aird took a loss. The state’s outcome was tough but not unexpected—history shows there’s a rebound effect in the first election following a party change in the White House. Watch Jason Johnson for a good/bad/not-so-bad perspective on this year’s election. Or, if you need some levity, watch SNL’s opening skit from last week!


A mixed bag for sure.  Democrats lost the State Supreme and Superior Court races. However, the Supreme Court balance remains the same since the open seat was a retiring Republican. We did pick up a Republican seat on the Commonwealth Court, which is the court that hears government issues including election cases. All of these races were close, 2% or less.Turnout in Philadelphia was low. A few more percentage points there could have resulted in a different outcome. 

In the large suburban Philly counties, Dems did well in Delaware and Chester but, unfortunately, Bucks turned a deeper shade of red. In the Lehigh Valley, the Dems maintained control in Lehigh and Northampton counties but lost ground further north in Luzerne. Democrats did reasonably well in the increasingly contentious school board races.  

Through their wins, Democrats added diversity to the judiciary, county office and school boards. A real bright spot was Corey Thurman, a Black man, winning a school board seat in red York County.

Thank You, Volunteers!

We worked together at Lean Left’s PowerHours, we called/texted with our partner organizations, we called/texted on our own, we wrote tens of thousands of postcards, we staffed voter assistance hotlines, we gave money to our candidates and donated toward organizations doing the hard work on the ground.

From the bottom of our hearts
Thank You
for taking on this important work and keeping at it day after day.

Freedom to Vote Act
We learned this week that the Senate can pass meaningful legislation. Make sure they keep their eye on the prize and pass the Freedom to Vote Act, even if it means the filibuster must be changed or abolished. 

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Fund the Movement
Organizing Works!

Building Power One Conversation at a Time

Meeting voters where they are—geographically, economically, emotionally, and politically—is how trust is born and relationships built. It’s also how elections are won.

That’s why Lean Left is supporting:
Down Home NC
The New North Carolina Project
NC Asian Americans Together

Read more about our monthly beneficiaries HERE.

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Every donor will receive an invitation to:New Roots: The Next Generation of Organizing in NC on
Thursday, December 2, 7-8 pm via zoom

Co-sponsored by Lean Left and several out of state groups working together on behalf of NC voters. More information about the event and your “ticket” will be available soon.

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