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No more busy signals

How can hackers be prevented from flooding phone lines? How can large volumes of calls be handled cost effectively with a few operators? How can calls be quickly routed to the right


Don’t Zuck Up Democracy

Grassroots activists struggle to get heard against billionaires and corporations with their armies of lobbyists and PR experts. A free app offers them a megaphone.


Talk to me

Voicebots are programs that handle incoming calls, ask questions and answer caller's questions. Voicebots can do wonders for campaigns, activists and advocacy groups.


Leave no voter behind

Many Americans in remote areas suffer because poor roads and a lack of internet access deny them their political voice. Technology is helping overcome this barrier.


Build or buy campaign software?

Startups focus on their unique value proposition. They get products to market quickly by building on pre-existing software platforms. Innovation flourishes when everyone does what they know best.