Mobilize voters to demand a strong Coronavirus response by funding the CDC rather than cutting taxes for the rich

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Elections have consequences. So do budget cuts.

Mobilize voters on the issues that matter to them. People care when public safety is jeopardized by CDC funding cuts that limit its ability to respond to the Coronavirus.

Organizers are mobilizing voters to demand that politicians put public safety above tax cuts for the rich. Their appeal is an interactive story designed with the free StoryMaps app.

How to design a StoryMap

Find the information sources to design you story and pick your call to action. This StoryMap, for instance explains the Coronavirus outbreak and how funding cuts have put the public at risk.

1. Find information from credible sources that readers will find helpful. This StoryMaps uses a real-time dashboard on the spread of the Coronavirus from the John Hopkins CSEE.

2. Details on the outbreak and CDC budget cuts were referenced from the NY Times, Washington Post along with a video clip from Samantha Bee. They were added to StoryMap with attribution and links back to the original content. 

3. A call to action provides contact information and encourages readers to contact their senators to demand they put public safety first above tax cuts.

This StoryMap was designed in a few hours using the free ArcGIS StoryMaps app. StoryMaps are easily shared on social media, via email or added to web sites. They can even be updated at any time with new information.

These four StoryMaps features examples from other advocacy groups and campaigns.

How voting is made harder for seniors of color in Virginia.
The importance of voting for Pro-Choice candidates and how to find them.
Activists protest the construction of a dangerous power plant in a poor, rural community of color.
Jon Tester’s campaign highlights his many accomplishments in Montana on an interactive map.

Take away

Reach and engage more people with persuasive stories using the free StoryMap app.

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