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Dear Friends, 

In every sense, 2020 turned out very differently than we thought it would a year ago. It’s been a year with real challenges, big and small. And, it’s a year in which so many people acted heroically in ways big and small, driven by generosity and commitment to a larger cause. I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on all that our community has accomplished together, in the words of our inspiring network of lawmakers and candidates. 

They’re right! This year, 10,000 people came together from 49 states (plus DC and Puerto Rico!) to form Giving Circles, to fuel our electoral work. Nearly 6,000 online donors contributed to Give Smart and boosted candidates throughout the cycle where and when dollars were needed most In total, Future Now Fund was able to support 171 candidates this year and build lasting infrastructure across 13 states.

But the work doesn’t stop with elections. Our affiliate, Future Now helped lawmakers with urgent policy support as they navigated pressing health, economic and social crises in the absence of federal leadership. We led in raising the alarm about Trump using state legislatures to undermine the Presidential election. Future Now was able to proactively prepare lawmakers in vulnerable states, galvanize national partners, and work with local leaders to ultimately protect the will of the voters.

Our commitment to improving lives doesn’t end here. We have already made our first endorsement since election day, supporting Candi King in a special election for the Virginia House of Delegates (it’s not just Georgia!). 

As 2020 ends, I am thinking about our founding just three years ago. We believed that state lawmakers are the most important policymakers in the country; that they have been left to the worst special interests; and that galvanizing more people to take effective action to win states would make it possible to achieve ambitious measurable goals for the common good. Because of your engagement and support, together we are proving that founding conviction true.

On behalf of the extraordinary Future Now Fund team, we are immensely grateful for all that you have done to ensure a more healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future for all Americans. See you in 2021, when we will all be back in force!



Daniel Squadron
Co-founder & Executive Director
Future Now & Future Now Fund

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Future Now Fund is building the power to improve Americans’ lives — by winning state legislative majorities and working with them to achieve goals for the common good.

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