George Van Dusen and Michael Dorf on the life and times of Rep. Sidney Yates

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Every week, Indivisible Chicago Podcast host Tom Moss talks to politicians, newsmakers, academics and activists about resisting the Trump agenda. The ICP is also a great way to keep up with what’s happening in Indivisible Chicago.

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  • Remember Hope? This week, Becoming, the documentary chronicling Michelle Obama’s book tour, premiered on Netflix. The documentary is partly a book tour, partly biography, partly a peek behind the scenes. The key, however, lies in the conversations the former First Lady has with young people.
  • For 71 years, except for a two year gap, Illinois 9 has been represented by just two people: current Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, of course, and prior to her, elected in 1948, Sidney Yates. Authors George Van Dusen and Michael Dorf wrote Clear it with Sid: Sidney Yates and fifty years of presidents, pragmatism, and public service. This interview was recorded January 10, 2020.

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Each week on the Indivisible Chicago Podcast, host Tom Moss talks to our representatives, newsmakers, activists, scholars, and Indivisible Chicago neighborhood chapter leads to learn more about what is happening in the push-back against the Trump agenda.

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