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Blue Beginning

Join us for the Last Weekend

This is it: the moment we’ve been waiting for and working toward for four long and horrific years. It’s what we had in mind when we started Blue Beginning. It’s the reason Indivisible Chicago exists. It’s what you signed up for. We have eight more days to bring it home.

We’re going all out all day every day from Saturday October 31 through election day. We’re calling it the Last Weekend: four days of phone banking, texting, and canvassing as though our democracy depended on it.

But don’t neglect the early part of the week. There’s plenty of work to be done before Saturday. Scan our volunteer opportunities below and take a shift or several. 

All around the world people are looking to us. We give them hope that one day they can live the lives they want, liberate themselves from strongmen and despots, pursue the happiness they deserve and desire. Don’t let their light go out. Show them that the American idea is alive and well. 

No experience? No problem. First-timers are more than welcome. We’ll provide all the training and support you need.

Do your friends a favor 

Can you think of three friends who want to be part of history? Spare them the humiliation of looking back on this week knowing they did nothing to help. Forward this email or send them to When the celebrations begin, they’ll thank you for it.

Photo by Liam Edwards on Unsplash


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