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Postcards to Voters


Hi everyone! It’s Monday, and instead of spending our time taking bets on when Melania will flee the White House (DEFINITELY BEFORE she has to decorate for Christmas!), urgent local issues need to be addressed. COMMENT TODAY: Tomorrow, Tuesday, the

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Postcards to defeat Trump Judges

The PA GOP are attempting to launch yet another “fraud-it” of the 2020 Election, this time seeking to procure personal information about registered voters. All that stands between us and the preservation


Knock knock! GET OUT THE VOTE!

With Pennsylvania’s 2021 elections just weeks away, we’re knocking thousands of doors to GET OUT THE VOTE! Local elections matter. PA School Boards have made national headlines banning books and debating mask


Postcards to voters are BACK!

SWING-STATE PA POSTCARDS ARE BACK! Get your pre-addressed postcard kit urging PA Democrats to apply for their mail ballots before November’s state and local elections! Great way to stay engaged this summer!

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